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Primary arms 3x prism

The low 3X magnification and bright illuminated reticle allow for fast, both-eyes-open shooting at close range, while the ACSS CQB reticle allows for easy hits on targets out to an impressive yards. The Gen III scope has been equipped with our next generation ruggedized mounts to provide flexible mounting options with incredible clamping power. The outer horseshoe of the glass etched reticle is used for close-quarters engagement, simply place the generous semi-circle on the target and run with it!

Each side of the horseshoe also has an integrated ranging system. Place the bottom of the target on the bottom rung and range up. If you know your targets are roughly 18 inches wide, they can be ranged on the side Auto Range system, or directly on the BDC holdovers! Two dots on either side of the precision chevron offer a moving target lead moving with an average speed of 8. As an added bonus, the glass etched reticle does not require batteries or illumination, but 11 brightness settings including daylight bright allow for fast acquisition in close quarters, or enhanced visibility in fading light, powered by a common CR battery!

primary arms 3x prism

They have upgraded everything about the mount from materials and finish to the design to create a mount that will not just clamp securely to your rail, but stand up the rigors of real-world use.

Integrated recoil lugs help lock your mount in place against the heaviest recoil while large diameter cross bolts give you significantly improved clamping power and will hold up to significant torque.

The included riser is the perfect height for ARs and ARs but can be easily removed for carrying handle or AK use as well. Please select your bay Select your bay.

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The L. E shooting lane simulator takes your range experience to the next level. It offers fun and entertaining games on the range with your firearm and live ammunition. It is entertainment that changes your practice shooting into an interactive game scenario where you can compete against yourself or others! All pistol caliber firearms allowed Up to 25 yard targets.Prism scope is a relatively new technology and can be thought of as a hybrid between traditional scope and red dot sight.

Rather than employing series of lens as was done with traditional scopes, it instead utilises a glass prism to focus an image. Prism scopes generally have low fixed magnification power between 1x-5x. Reticle is glass etched rather than an LED and has illumination feature.

But is the Spitfire 3x the best deal in its class or is there a better alternate optics within its price range? Vortex Spitfire 3x is a good budget prism scope. Reticle brightness is also similar. The main differences are reticle patterns and Primary Arms cheaper price.

Due to recent improvements in optics manufacturing technology, firearms optics have become easier and cheaper to produce. Many overseas factories are learning the know-how of making quality optics at reasonable price. Such a great time to be gun owners!

Primary Arms SLx 3x Gen III Prism Scope – ACSS-5.56-CQB-M2 Reticle

Furthermore, optics sold in the US has pretty much the best warranties available. Very few other industries offer this type of coverage on their products. Then I tried contacting the manufacturer and vendor, only to find out that it is my eyesight at fault. This is no longer an issue with prism scopes. You can get a crisp illuminated reticle with no suspense whether the dot will be round or not. Best for : Shooters who want fast target acquisition and a bit of extended range.

Also good for people with Astigmatism. Since no optics nor products exists in isolation. These are 2 popular options in the market with similar price point and should give you a realistic feel of how good Vortex Spitfire 3x really is. Things to complain on both optics is their limited eye relief and eyebox. Eye relief for Vortex is 2. Pretty tight and not very suitable for high recoil, light gun combination.

And this is more pronounced in low light situation as the Strike Eagle is markedly dimmer. Plus it is slightly cheaper than the Spitfire 3x.

PA and Strike Eagle has more minute brightness adjustment which allows you to fine-tune to your environment. This is mostly a subjective choice. Vortex has more clutter-free reticle while the PA reticle has more ranging capabilities. One disadvantage of Prism scopes is the lacking of parallax-free feature of red dot sights. It has parallax errors similar to traditional scopes. Multi-height mount, which can adjust between mm, and flip lens caps are included with the purchase of Vortex Spitfire 3x.

On the other hand Primary Arms 3x Prism also offers flip-up lens covers and mount which is ACOG pattern base and is compatible to mainstream aftermarket options. Vortex Spitfire 3x is durable enough for non home-defense or occupational applications.MPN: Buy Together and Save. The SLx optics are the heart of our lineup. The trusted optics that have built our reputation through the years. Although many SLx optics will be familiar to Primary Arms fans, we are always pushing forward with new generations and adding even more options in response to the demands of our loyal customers.

The low 3X magnification and bright illuminated reticle allow for fast, both-eyes-open shooting at close range, while the ACSS CQB reticle allows for easy hits on targets out to an impressive yards with supersonic ammunition and yards with subsonic.

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primary arms 3x prism

Please see our Export Policy prior to placing your order. Add To Cart. Click to select this item for your bundle offer! Select a specific model above to see the deal! Fully illuminated reticle is visible even in bright daylight Removable M picatinny top rail for accessories or piggy-backed red dot sights Generous Tap Tap to Zoom.

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Ask a Question About This Product. Related Reviews.My tactical rifle is used to hit moving targets. I want a one-shot kill. And I want it almost reflexively. Thankfully, we now have the best of both worlds. The solution is using the best prism scope on your rifle. The drawback is the limitation of their range. See Price on Amazon. The Monstrum SP 3X is a great choice for target acquisition up to yards.

Its durable and compact body is five inches long and weighs 15 ounces. The 30mm provides a bright and clear image, free of chromatic aberrations, thanks to the Multi-Layer lens coating.

primary arms 3x prism

It features a black etched reticle that can be illuminated with your choice of red or green during low light conditions. The eye relief is a comfortable 3. All Monstrum Tactical Rifle Scope products are backed by a one year warranty.

All in all, this prism scope is a great choice to combine with a high recoil weapon thanks to its durability and its high amount of eye relief. Features a glass prism optical system rather a refracting lens system like traditional scopes, The Spitfire is versatile.

It starts with fixed 3X magnification for medium to close target acquisition. To keep your scope working and looking good, the finish is hard-anodized matte-black and built with shockproof construction.

Because Vortex uses Nitrogen gas purging with O-ring seals, you get also fog-proof and waterproof performance. When not in use, dust, dirt, and debris are kept out with a flip cap. The Multi-Height Mount System allows for 30mm and 40mm mounting heights. And dual rails mounted on the 3X allow the optic to be joined with an offset, auxiliary-reflex sight.

The DRT etched and illuminated reticle provides excellent image quality. To help you in lowlight situations, the 30mm lenses are fully multicoated with anti-reflective coatings. The eye relief is 2. Flip caps keep lenses protected and free of dirt, dust, and debris. Uses one CR battery included.As soon as Primary Arms has item available, we will process your order.

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Corrections Officer. Military personnel.

primary arms 3x prism

Sworn Law Enforcement officer. Not more than one purchase - Glock Blue Label. Resident of Texas. The SLx optics are the heart of our lineup. The trusted optics that have built our reputation through the years. Although many SLx optics will be fami Be the first to Write a Review.At the heart of it all is the ACSS reticle used in this optic, in this case, it's the 7. The ACSS reticle is both simple and versatile. There's not a ton of points cluttering up your view field, but there's lots of utility here if you know how to use it.

This acts as a big force multiplier over a red dot or a simple duplex reticle, giving you both quick, accurate shots and ranging information if you need it. This is one of my favorite reticles, and with good reason. The large horseshoe centers the eye quickly, and the point of the chevron makes a great reference point for precise aiming. Let's talk design of the rest of the optic. The turret caps are individually retained via rubber loop straps, which is a nice way to get things done.

Conveniently, the turret caps are of the right shape to adjust the turrets themselves. This pretty much entirely negates my distaste for tool-adjustable turrets. I still prefer finger adjustable, but this passes the ease-of-use test. The brightness knob is top-dead-center and big enough to grab in a hurry. The mount has a pair of thumbscrews to tighten it to your gun, and they've not come loose on me yet.

The whole body of the optic is solidly built. At 16 ounces, it's closer to the lightest-in-class optic than it is to the heaviest. As for the glass, if there's a problem there I haven't found it yet! It's clear, with really good color transmission.

The reticle is brightly illuminated, with max power being plenty capable in nearly every non-Saharan environment. Even when not illuminated, the etched reticle is very usable. If your battery goes dead, you've still got a working optic.

At 3x, the PA SLx doesn't have much trouble here. I found the eye box to be more forgiving than the 2. I've used this optic on a couple of different AR-pattern guns, chambered in. I've used it far more often on the latter, however, as the reticle is designed for 7. The bottom line is that my range trips were boringly predictable. Getting zeroed? No problem. Holding zero?

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As it should. Spinning the turrets left and right, up and down then back to zero? Still on target. I really like being in the 3x-4x magnification range.Owning a rifle can instantly make you realize that the technology in this industry is continuously advancing. Among the rage in this industry nowadays are prism scopes. They became popular because of their ease of use and unique performance, which is the reason why several rifle owners are now looking for the best prism scope.

Prism scopes are excellent budget alternatives for the expensive holographic and reflex sights.

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A prism scope, on the other hand, offers an etched and illuminated reticle, which is not usually present in a conventional or standard red dot scope. You can expect the prism scope to provide good middle-range magnification, thereby outperforming the usual long-range scopes utilized for tactical rifles or weapons. A good prism scope is also large enough that it comes etched with complex reticles, providing high levels of targeting information.

If you are interested in prism scopes then you might want to check out these high-quality choices:. One of the most amazing prism scopes that I think anyone should check out is the 1x Compact Prism Scope offered by Primary Arms. I think one reason why many view this product as the best prism rifle scope is that unlike other prism sights, this one boasts of a generous and good eye relief of around 3. Combine such eye relief with a mm exit pupil and I am sure that you will be fascinated by the exceptionally forgiving nature of its eye box.

With this, you will enjoy a high level of efficiency when shooting using the red dot style. It can keep your eyes open, thereby ensuring the quick acquisition of your target in various circumstances and positions. I am so glad that this scope utilizes a roof-prism optical system as it aids in providing clear and blur-free sight pictures. The picture is clear even for those suffering from astigmatism. With that, you can enjoy accurate shots even when used at long ranges.

It also boasts of a field of view, which perfectly matches the things your eyes see exactly. This makes it possible to pick up your new targets in a faster manner. I am also impressed with the ACSS Cyclops reticle used in this scope because it works in providing quick hits in various situations. Another great advantage is that its etched reticle can still work perfectly even if you turn off the batteries, which is not usually the case for holographic or red dot optics.

If you are in search of the best compact prism scope that fits your budget, then this 2.

Primary Arms Gen II 3x Compact Prism Scope,Illum ACSS 7.62x39 / 300BLK CQB Reticle

One thing that thrills me about this prism scope from Primary Arms is its ACSS reticle, which assures users of rapid and intuitive ranging. The fact that the reticle is built to be etched into a glass helps improve visibility even when the illumination is lacking. I also consider it as one of the high-quality prism scopes for AR and any other rifles and calibers. In fact, I find it versatile because it is compatible with a wide range of calibers, including carbine-fired 9mm.

Some even say that also works as an appropriate prism scope for.

New Primary Arms ACSS Griffin 1-6X \u0026 1-8X Scope

I can also attest that this serves as an ideal option for those looking for a good 2. It is a compact yet tough and sturdy prism scope. In fact, it makes use of aluminum material for its structure along with an anodized finish in matte black.

The sturdiness of this prism scope can also be proven by its fog-resistant, water-resistant, and nitrogen-purged nature. It also boasts of its twelve brightness settings powered by its CR battery.

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